Ace Ultra Premium


Introducing the cutting-edge ACE Mini Disposable Glow-in-the-Dark, the highest level of innovation in disposable vapes. This astonishing second-generation product goes beyond simple aesthetics, merging its streamlined design with unmatched performance that completely alters the vaping industry.

The second-generation Ace Mini Disposable Glow-in-the-Dark is the prime of vaping innovation.  With its excellent performance, this tiny wonder redefines vaping perfection as more than just an aesthetically attractive accessory. Ace Mini Disposable perfectly fuses innovative design with unmatched functionality. It’s an extraordinary vaping experience that is made to captivate the senses as well as the imagination. Allow the Ace Mini Disposable to whisk you into a world of exquisite flavor and billowing clouds.

Pushing the limits of what a disposable vape is capable of is what the Ace Mini Disposable is all about, not just looks. Performance and portability are the constant wrestling factors in the vaping industry. Every user wants their device to be highly efficient and easy to carry, providing a dashing look. The Ace Mini expertly resolves this problem. It demonstrates that size is irrelevant when providing an outstanding vaping experience and stands as the frontier elite as an industry leader.

The Ace Mini Disposable, however, genuinely stands out for its unwavering dedication to excellence. This tiny marvel has a well-engineered system that makes the most of each puff. It doesn’t just create clouds; it expertly shapes them with flavor. You will inhale thick, luscious clouds that you have come to enjoy from a device that fits comfortably in your palm with each puff.


The glow-in-dark feature in the vape sets it aside from all the traditional, average, regular vapes available. A particular type of material produces the vape, which absorbs light daily. And then later uses it to create a stunning glow when placed in a darker environment.

The full-gram feature in this vape boasts an extensive cartridge designed to hold a complete gram of vape oil or concentrate. This feature extends the vaping sessions, lasting way longer than regular vape sessions last, offering convenience and value. Providing Users with a better version and experience, Users usually feel exhausted by continuous refills. In contrast, this feature has provided users with uninterrupted experiences, reduced refills, and enhanced versatility for social gatherings or personal entertainment.

We are providing our users with a next-level vaping experience with our “Ultra Premium Live Resin Blend” feature. This blend is carefully crafted and contains the plant’s essence in its purest form. Enjoy an unmatched sensory experience as natural flavors and scents blend to provide a heavenly experience. Having experienced this would compel you to reconsider your expectations of how therapeutic and joyful vaping can be.

This vape is no less than a powerhouse, with a 370 mAh rechargeable battery. Power always brings comfort, which is undoubtedly true for our case. Power satisfies convenience as this strong battery confirms extended sessions. Now, you no longer have to stress about charging it repeatedly. Experience consistent performance and worry less about running out of power. Elevate your vaping experience with a battery designed to keep up with your lifestyle, providing reliable energy for every moment.

With our vape’s cutting-edge “New Full Ceramic Coil” feature, boom your brain away. The innovation makes refined flavors appear in every puff, providing unparalleled purity. The ceramic coil’s even heating enhances vapor production, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. It is time to say goodbye to burnt hits and hello to a new era of fresh taste and performance. Experience a new level of vaping with the advanced technology of full ceramic coils.

This vape has Improved Airflow and is Lab-Tested. This technology Provides users with the best airflow for easy draws by balancing detailed engineering and thorough testing. Lab-tested recipes guarantee pure flavors and consistent experiences. Improved airflow and dependable testing create a pleasurable and reassuringly reliable vaping expertise, increasing enjoyment.


Discover a mouthwatering variety of vape tastes, from conventional to exotic, each providing a different sensory experience.

1. ACE OG: A tempting combination that perfectly conveys the essence of OG strains, ACE OG combines rustic and piney notes with a few shades of citrus to give a well-rounded and relaxing experience for enthusiasts looking for a traditional vape flavors

2. Watermelon OG: It combines the sweet, fruity taste of ripped watermelon with the unique taste of OG strains to produce a wonderfully balanced flavor between fruitiness and herbal overtones.

3. Pink Panties: Pink Panties come with a fun name and a great flavor profile. It incorporates a variety of fruity flavors with tropical undertones and berry undertones for an enjoyable and enjoyable vaping experience

4. Pineapple Express: It takes inspiration from the fruit of the tropics, captures the zesty, tropical character of pineapples, and offers a lively, refreshing vape with an upsurge of tangy sweetness.

5. Super Lemon Haze: A delicious combination that combines the energetic lemon flavor with the herbal and slightly spicy characteristics of haze strains, Super Lemon Haze gives a vibrant and citric vaping experience.

6. Purple Haze: Inspired by its namesake, Purple Haze combines floral and berry flavors to create an appealing and pleasant vape taste that appeals to vapers who value a diverse but different vaping experience.

7. Gelato #33: Taking inspiration from the renowned sweet treat, Gelato #33 mixes the botanical properties of cannabis with creamy and dessert-like elements to create a flavor profile that is rich, sweet, and tremendously enjoyable.

8. GG #4: Known for its bold and powerful qualities, GG #4 combines earthy and pungent components to produce an intense and complex vaping experience that caters to those who like a flavor with plenty of body.

9. Desert Cooler: A refreshing vape perfect for those looking for a crisp and reviving flavor, it combines minty freshness with delicate fruit overtones to deliver cooling protection for the senses.

10. Banana OG: Banana OG combines tropical sweetness with the earthy implications of OG strains to provide a uniquely pleasing and tasty vape. It is infused with the creamy and distinct taste of ripe bananas.

11. Raspberry Lemonade: A flavorful combination of tart raspberries and zingy lemons, delivers a tangy and fruity vaping experience that is reminiscent of a cool summer beverage

12. Mango Haze: Embracing the deliciousness of mangoes, Mango Haze combines the fruit’s lovely sweetness with the herbal undertones of haze strains to create a flavorful vape that is both tropical and energizing.

13. 24K Gold Punch: Allow 24K Gold Punch to amaze you with its elegant charm. Having a dash of exotic flair, this taste offers a luxurious mix of citrus and tropical fruits like pineapple. 14. Maui Wowie: This flavor delivers a lively blend of juicy pineapple and zesty citrus notes, evoking the spirit of the Hawaiian islands. Maui Wowie is a reviving and refreshing option for people looking to taste the tropics in their vaping experience.