• About Ace Ultra Premium

    ACE ULTRA PREMIUM is an unmatched cannabis brand striving to elevate industry standards through state-of-the-art engineering and pure manufacturing.

    We make products representative of luxury, innovation, and efficiency. As a result, we have quickly generated an expansive following of new and experienced users who all have as much enthusiasm for our products as we do. 

    Our current two collections are specified to fit the diverse interests of our equally diverse audience. Spades and Hearts Collections are carefully curated with the intention to exceed the expectations of the user in the most fun and best price. While one line responds best to innovative trends and modernizing classic instruments, the other is an ode to the classics and is composed of slick designs with an exceptional taste.

  • Spades Collection

    Our original line started with a simple goal: create the best possible product at the most efficient cost. The Spades Collection, inspired by the ACE of Spades playing card, consists of state-of-the-art hardware technology and the highest grade formulas on the market. Each device is manufactured for long-term and discrete usage.

    Our line’s crème de la crème can arguably be the Live Resin variety. Our users can choose from a diverse range of flavors, strains, and effects with our 10 different Live Resin cartridges and disposables. We accommodate new and experienced users alike by partnering with only top-grade labs to ensure the most pleasurable and tasty experience. In addition to this, our hardware consists of mini disposables and other devices built with the latest technology the industry has to offer.

  • Hearts Collection

    Our Hearts collection is dedicated to experimenting and innovating new ways to consume and enjoy cannabis. It is inspired by the ACE of Hearts playing card and  known for generating excitement, starting new trends, and imagining further than what industry is known to produce. Here, we perform with all the anticipation that is yet to be discovered, engineered, and enjoyed, and believe that risks are essential to growth.

    The Hearts Collection launched with our now highly in-demand AceDuals: two flavors in one discrete device. It quickly consolidated our brand as one of innovation and fun. The bright colors we chose for our packaging and devices is meant to portray the enthusiasm our company and followers have for cannabis. In addition to the Duals, we recently rolled out a line of glow-in-the-dark AceMinis–a colorful modification to our Spades Collection Minis. Although relatively new to Ace Ultra Premium, we are eager to show you all what our constant escapades have put forward.



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