Ace Ultra Premium


Introducing our outstanding ACE 510 thread cartridges, which improve your vaping experience by combining potency, immediate satisfaction, and excellent flavor. These cartridges have been meticulously created to give an unmatched sensation, and they sport a variety of characteristics that combine to create an unmatched excursion into the realm of luxury vaping.

The revolutionary design of the ACE cartridge, which includes a state-of-the-art double ceramic heating element, is at its core. Using this new technique, every hit is guaranteed to have just the finest flavors, free of unfavorable aftertastes. This dual ceramic design ensures a constantly superior taste and makes the vaporization process more effective, maintaining the strength of the drug inside.

By adopting a more effective airflow system, seamless draws are made possible. Each inhalation is effortless thanks to the airflow’s careful testing, which gives you rapid access to the flavorful vapor wherever and whenever you like. The ACE cartridge adjusts to your tastes, providing an experience that matches your rhythm, whether you prefer a quick and discrete puff or a more extended session of delight.

The ACE cartridge’s ability to create immediate outcomes is among its most impressive characteristics. You’ll almost immediately notice the effects starting to take effect as you sketch, enabling you to optimize how your experience is created. The ACE cartridge allows you to relish every moment without sacrificing quality. No more waiting for the desired feelings to begin.


Explore a world of exquisite flavors with our selection of ACE 510 thread cartridges, each designed to take your senses on an enthralling adventure. Learn about a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate and elevate your vaping experience.

1. ACE OG: Embark out on a trip down memory lane with ACE OG. A comprehensive flavor profile that honors vintage strains is created when earthy and piney flavors blend with a little citrus undertone.

2. Blueberry Muffin: You can enjoy the mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked delicacies with Blueberry Muffin. A warm, buttery undertone surrounds the rich, sweet blueberry aroma, creating the cozy feeling of biting into a warm muffin.

3. Raspberry Lemonade: Raspberry Lemonade will satisfy your thirst for fruitiness and refreshment. A flavor that perfectly conveys the feel of a summer afternoon is created when tart raspberries and zesty lemon combine.

4. Watermelon Ice:  Experience the refreshing cold of watermelon ice. A cold menthol wind provides an icy touch as juicy watermelon takes center stage to create a renewing and reviving smoking experience.

5. Mango Haze: Take a tropical paradise with Mango Haze. The flavor profile is highlighted by ripe mangoes, which take you to sun-drenched coasts with their wonderful sweetness and faintly tangy undertones.

6. Desert Cooler: Allow the calming embrace of the Desert Cooler blend to embrace you. Combining succulent melon and crisp cucumber gives the impression of being in a desert paradise with endless possibilities for refreshing yourself.

7. Banana OG: Enjoy its rich, creamy flavor. An earthy undertone and the smooth taste of bananas provide a well-balanced and highly pleasurable vaping pleasure.

8. Strawberry Diesel: Let the lively mix of Strawberry Diesel free your taste buds. An unexpected sensation is produced when tangy, diesel-like flavor and juicy strawberries combine.

9. Cotton Candy: You may try various flavors with cotton candy. Spun sugar’s lively sweetness captures attention and brings back memories of happy days at fairs and amusement parks.

10. Maui Wowie: Go on an adventure in the tropics with Maui Wowie. This mix perfectly portrays the spirit of the Hawaiian islands with a medley of tropical fruits that conjure up visions of pristine beaches and waving palm trees.

11. Vanilla Ice Cream: Enjoy the vanilla ice cream’s timeless charm. Your favorite frozen treats will come to mind as you experience a velvety-smooth vaping experience that wonderfully captures vanilla’s creamy and comforting taste.

12. 24K Gold Punch:  With 24K Gold Punch, you can immerse yourself in luxury. Each inhalation packs an opulent punch thanks to blending of premium fruits that provide a symphony of flavors suitable for a king or queen.

13. Pink Panties: Let your sense of exploration run wild. This unusual mixture strikes a delicate equilibrium between sweetness and spiciness, creating a complex and appealing flavor that defies expectations.

14. Gelato#33:  Enhance your senses with Gelato #33, which is ice cream. With a combination of dessert-like flavors, this hybrid strain-inspired flavor provides a sweet and creamy feeling with a hint of herbal undertones.


Featuring 24-karat gold electroplated onto the vape’s surface, this pure gold layer offers a luxurious appearance that delights users’ eyes. It adds a unique and aesthetic touch of elegance and exclusivity to your vape device.

Get ready to indulge in a taste and flavor experience like no other. Brace yourself for a compelling and intense sensation that will captivate your taste buds in ways you’ve never imagined. These meticulously crafted flavors have earned awards for their unparalleled quality. Through rigorous lab testing and meticulous optimization, we present an elevated vaping experience that is truly next-level.

With our full-spectrum extract vape cartridges, explore a whole new vaping world. Immerse yourself in the terpenes, aromatic substances, and cannabinoids the entire plant produces. Discover what happens when these organic components converge, ultimately improving the vaping experience. Our expertly made cartridges perfectly capture the essence of the cannabis plant and provide a more all-encompassing and thorough manner to take advantage of its potential advantages. By using full-spectrum extracts, you may elevate your vaping experience thanks to their depth and richness.

Our live, whole-plant vape extracts let you appreciate the value and phenomenon of nature. We are offering you the genuine flavor of recently picked marijuana. Immerse yourself in an authentic vaping experience where the natural chemicals of the plant work together effectively to produce a genuine sensation.

510 thread cartridges also offer over 95% pure cannabis, elevating your vaping experience. Activate the significant benefits of cannabinoids that have been condensed, delivering a strong and nuanced experience with each inhalation. Experience the height of purity and power for a vaping journey.

Start an intensified vaping journey with our product, which has a fantastic 90%+ total THC. Take every puff’s intensity as you feel the pure THC’s potent effects. Redefine your vaping experience while experiencing new strength and satisfaction. With our 1-gram 510 cartridges, experience comfort with every draw from your vape. Enjoy a more extended vaping session without having to worry about refills constantly. Experience regular, smooth draws with our large capacity for nonstop enjoyment. With a big gram of bliss at your fingertips, enhance your vaping pleasure.