Ace Ultra Premium


 ACE Ultra Premium Diamond 510 Cartridges are unquestionably the highest quality products in the cannabis industry. These cartridges are high-quality, fusing live resins and liquid diamonds to produce an unmatched spectrum of flavors that range from fruity and sweet to bold and robust. Every cannabis enthusiast may look forward to a distinctive experience with the stunning selection of 20 award-winning tastes.

Besides being a company that offers and produces the best quality cannabis products in the market,  we are highly motivated d to provide an excellent customer experience to our daily consumers, which  Encourages a consistent business. We know only the best will do in a market overflowing with options. We go to tremendous pains to guarantee that we only provide ultra-premium goods that exceed our users’ expectations and satisfy our customers.

A monument to our constant pursuit of excellence is the ACE Ultra Premium Diamond 510 Cartridge. As we add cartridges, we hope to improve the cannabis experience. Our cartridges promise an adventure through the finest flavors and effects the cannabis world offers, whether you’re looking for a serene vacation or a creative spark.

Our secret is carefully constructing each cartridge, using only the cleanest materials. Careful extraction and processing are required to keep these components as effective as possible. Our unwavering commitment to quality yields a masterpiece that exceeds the status of our product.


1. ACE OG: This variety is renowned for its earthy, piney flavors that frequently have a delicate citrus undertone. Expect a soothing, all-encompassing sensation.

2. Watermelon OG: It offers a fruity and a little rustic flavor profile by combining watermelon’s sweet and energetic taste with the traditional OG Kush.

3. BANANA OG: A delightful blend of tropical banana and the OG Kush strain, delivering a creamy, sweet, and slightly fruity vaping experience.

4. BERRY PURPLE: A combination of different berry flavors, usually blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Expect a vape that tastes like mixed berry compote and is sweet and tart.

5. BISCOTTI RUNTZ: A taste inspired by dessert, Biscotti Runtz combines the rich, nutty flavors of biscotti with the fruity, sweet overtones of the Runtz strain. Consider it a delicious, sweet pastry.

6. BLOOD MOON: This flavor profile is frequently connected to cannabis strains with intense red or purple coloring. It might have hints of spice along with fruity and earthy flavors.

7. CANDY MILKSHAKE: An excellent combination that combines a range of candy flavors with the creamy smoothness of a milkshake. It’s an appealing, nostalgic sensation.

8. A zesty, citrus-infused flavor that resembles the taste of a cool, slushy beverage is called “CITRUS SLUSHY.” Orange, lemon, and lime fruits will likely be abundant.

9. GPOG: A blend of Grape, Pineapple, and Orange flavors. With a balance of sweet and acidic tones, this blend gives a tropical fruit medley.

10. GUMMIEZ: This taste combines the delicious and chewy gummy candy experience by tasting your favorite chewy candies.

11. MANGO BURST: A sweet and juicy vaping experience is delivered by a tropical explosion of lovely mango flavor.

12. RAINBOW PUNCH: A colorful blend of fruit flavors frequently related to candy in rainbow colors. Be prepared for a fruity, sweet punch with a variety of flavors.

13. BLUEBERRY ICE: This flavor combines the sweetness of blueberries with a crisp, refreshing finish to produce a chilled, fruity vaping experience.

14. GREEN APPLE ICE:  offers a sweet and sour vaping experience with its crisp green apple flavor and chilly kick.

15. LYCHEE ICE: This flavor creates a distinctive and energizing blend by fusing the exotic taste of lychee with a chilling menthol touch.

16. A tart orange flavor with a chilly, mentholated edge that provides a citrusy and reviving vape is called “ORANGE ICE.

17. PEACH ICE: A chilling menthol component and sweet, juicy peach flavor combine to create a pleasant blend of fruity and ice undertones.

18. SWEET MELON ICE provides a relaxed and pleasant vaping experience with a blend of sweet melon flavors and a menthol breeze.

19. MANGO ICE: This flavor combines icy menthol and luscious mango for a tropical and chilly vape.

20. ARIZONA PRICKLY PEAR: This flavor, inspired by the tastes of the southwest desert, could include the sweet and somewhat sour flavor of prickly pear cactus, providing a distinctive and local vaping experience.


This device has a luxurious exterior shell that appeals to consumers’ visual senses, with a surface coated with 24-karat gold. It gives your vape a distinctive and aesthetically charming aspect of grace and class.

Get ready to embark on a remarkable experience that surpasses expectations. Prepare yourself for a powerful sensation that will captivate your taste buds like never before. Our carefully chosen tastes have won awards for their unparalleled perfection. We propose a vaping experience that pushes sophistication to new heights through meticulous adjustments and thorough laboratory evaluations.

Discover a new vaping universe with our full-spectrum extract vape cartridges. Enjoy the terpenes, fragrant compounds, and cannabinoids the entire plant generates. Explore what happens when these organic elements combine, enhancing your vaping experience. Our professionally crafted cartridges perfectly capture the essence of the cannabis plant and offer a more thorough and encompassing way to take advantage of its potential benefits. By utilizing the depth and richness of full-spectrum extracts, you can enhance your vaping experience.

Thanks to our live, whole-plant vape extracts, you will recognize nature’s value and wonders. We offer you the fresh-picked marijuana’s authentic flavor. Experience an imitation by indulging in vaping, where the plant’s organic ingredients combine to create a natural sensation.

You can enjoy cannabis purity above 95% with Liquid Diamond Cartridges Ace Ultra Premium, enhancing your vaping experience. Unlock the tremendous benefits of concentrated cannabis, which offers a rich and complex experience with each breath. When vaping, immerse yourself in the height of intensity and purity. Experience increased vaping with our product, which has a THC content exceeding 90%. With each breath, let the power of pure THC wash over you. Explore this greater potency and intensity to elevate your vaping experience and broaden your level of enjoyment.