Introduction to luxury Cannabis

BatteryOfficial Spades Battery

“Boss Moves”

Matte black with silver finish.

Top-of-the-line portable battery for cannabis oils and vape cartridges.

High-quality quality batteries with a standard micro USB charger, this is the perfect pocket vape. With an easy mouthpiece and conveniently small size, it’s both sleek and powerful enough to keep you satisfied for hours on end.

100% Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil & Natural Ingredients

  • LCD power level
  • Designed for use with cannabis oils and 510 threaded vape cartridges
  • Adjustable voltage 2.6V – 4.0V
  • Portable, pocket-sized vaporizer
  • USB charging cable
  • Magnetic connector

Once you try our product, we guarantee that you’ll never go back!

Note: we do recommend you start with the lowest setting, then simply inhale to power the battery and adjust voltage as necessary.


  1. Quality begins on the farm, and Potters Ace of Spades knows this full well. We start with the most delicate cannabis flowers with stable genetics, cultivated by master growers with years of experience. Those buds grow up to reach their ideal genetic potential before being harvested for extraction.
  2. Processing carries out the same level of quality control and care as the farm. With ethanol extraction (a safer and cleaner extraction than butane and propane)
    We separate the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.
  3. Our extraction artists never use harmful cutting agents, and there is no MCT or coconut oil in their vapes.
  4. Post extraction, the cannabis oil is formulated with natural terpenes and encased in a C-Cell cartridge with a ceramic coil to create an authentic cannabis experience.


We use the most stringent and progressive testing in the industry. For example, we test for a full panel of 66 analytes at the parts per billion level instead of the features per million competitor standards. Furthermore, our highly sophisticated laboratory is operating by skilled scientists and engineers utilizing the industry’s most revolutionary technology and raising the standard for testing.


We use extraction techniques that allow for the highest levels of cannabinoid retention. In addition, Ace of Spades Ultra’s meticulous terpene preservation process results in an unrivaled oil in consistency and potency.


Our facility proudly staffs multiple organic chemists that oversee every step of the process from extraction to formulation—Potters practices industry-leading manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality of products.